Reddit Finally Allows You To Embed Threads On Other Websites

Reddit Finally Allows You To Embed Threads On Other Websites


Reddit has introduced a new feature – the embedding of its posts/threads on third-party websites. The new feature will help give the social media platform more exposure.
( Eva Blue | Flickr )

Reddit has finally taken a leap of faith by emulating other social media platforms. It now lets users embed its posts/discussion threads on some third-party sites.

In the past, users on a third-party website could merely hyperlink to a thread/post on Reddit or take a screenshot of the Reddit page.

Reddit’s decision to enable the embedding of its threads to third-party sites will be welcomed by bloggers, media sites and more as they can now include the content on their respective page. The embedding includes posts that have media such as videos and GIFs that are posted on Reddit.

Web users will also welcome the addition, as it will not only make for an improved visual experience but also enhance post engagement and interaction ability.

“The great thing about Reddit content is that it’s usually longer, it’s more insightful, more in-depth than you’ll see on other social platforms,” noted Mark Luckie, Reddit’s head of journalism and media. “You’re going to get a more robust conversation.”

The embedding of Reddit threads to other websites is currently limited to a select few sites. The feature’s insertion methodology is similar to the one used for embedding YouTube videos and tweets in Web pages.

The Reddit link will include the subreddit name, post title, when it was shared, the number of points received — which determines its popularity — and the number of comments. Moreover, people will also have the option of clicking on the embedded post, which will navigate them to Reddit directly to read the conversation thread in detail.

How To Locate The Embed Functionality

Click on the “share” option located below a comment or post, then click on “embed,” and you will see the code you will be required to paste to your blog or website.

Currently, the embedding feature does not work on all sites for some reason. Reddit is yet to shed light on the technicality.

With the new feature introduced, Reddit will get additional exposure, which could potentially mean more advertising revenue. Reddit has promised that in tandem with its media partners, it intends to release more publisher tools in the long term.

Photo: Eva Blue | Flickr